Maxcellent &
Von Dahleshaus
European breeders of Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers

Hello and welcome to this website

We are the Dutch couple Helma Dahles and Paul Vieth and we live together with our dogs in the Netherlands and Hungary. Walking, various sports and behavior training for the dogs are our activities, as well as breeding beautiful and healthy purebred dogs in our officially registered kennels. In the Netherlands, we have been doing this at a high level since 2004. In Germany, they also appreciate our approach and our litter notifications on “Deine Tierwelt” even have a recommendation seal! We are also certified for professional dog handling.

Currently, we mostly reside in Hungary, where our dogs have a fantastic life in the midst of nature in a pleasant climate. A beautifully fenced estate at the edge of the forest and the puszta. Since we are now also registered as an official FCI pedigree dog breeder in Hungary, we can continue our dog hobby at a high level. Two kennels in Europe (NL and HU), in which we breed purebred dogs with FCI pedigrees that have undergone all important health tests. Lovers of our puppies are spread across the entire continent.

In pursuit of better health, we use a large gene pool with good lineage from the US, Canada, Europe, and Russia, so that we can say that the best bloodlines in the world come together in our kennels! Dogs with perfect health results, pleasant personalities, and from championship lines. A stud dog is even the son of the WORLD WINNER! Puppies are born at our home. You can also find information on how we socialize them on this website.

Enjoy reading and if you want more info, feel free to contact us via whatsapp or email. Follow us on Facebook for the latest news.