The puppies will leave the nest at 8 weeks old, however, some puppies may go to their new families at 15 weeks. This has to do with the mandatory rabies vaccination when crossing borders. Each country applies this European regulation differently. We’ll be happy to inform you of the options. 15 weeks may seem long, but we and several other puppy buyers have experienced that it does offer advantages. We’ll be happy to explain this in a personal conversation.

Our kennel “Maxcellent” is registered with the Raad van Beheer and the Chamber of Commerce and is therefore subject to VAT. We are in possession of the government-required Decree Holders of Animals and are also a learning company for the Animal Care and Paraveterinary training programs. For puppies from our kennel “von Dahleshaus”, this is done through Meoesz, the Hungarian kennel club.

The puppies are sold with a good sales contract with excellent guarantees. On request, we will send it to you in Dutch, English, or German.

Puppies receive a full socialization process, including;

  • a lot of attention from interns
  • interaction with other dogs
  • various car rides
  • depending on the season, a first swim lesson
  • playing with children
  • various outings in the car or on the arm.

Our puppies are weaned with fresh meat (their first solid food). From week 6, they are offered dry food. The mother dog gives milk until she indicates that she no longer wants to. It is therefore possible that they will still “snack” on mother at 8 weeks of age.

The puppies have an FCI pedigree, a European passport, and are up-to-date on worming and vaccination. Ten kg. of high-quality puppy food is included. (You can find more information about these kibbles under “Feeding”). The puppy buyer will also receive an informational packet with plenty of advice, in addition to the opportunity to ask questions “for life.” You can expect good aftercare from us.

After reservation, prospective buyers will receive photos and videos every week via WhatsApp, so you can keep track of the development. Call, email or WhatsApp us about the process and for any other questions you may have.