Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever (Toller)

Our motivation:
As dog lovers, our eyes have already fallen on this intelligent and versatile breed several times. This emerging but not yet popular breed is suitable as a family dog, but needs to be “worked with”. That’s what we’re all about! It’s great to see how intensive interaction, puppy and follow-up courses can build such a bond that you become a unity! They all practice a sport that they enjoy the most; scent detection, agility, or canicross. Of course, they all come along on our daily walks and regularly swim in the Overijsselse Vecht, the Tisza Lake, and even in our own swimming pool. Many videos of our dogs can be found on our Facebook page.


With the goal of breeding, we have brought in Tollers from different countries/bloodlines, where besides appearance and character, the health of ancestors was also strongly selected. Our own breeding females and stud males are tested for overall health every year. They are also officially checked for breeding approval and have excellent health results (x-rays and various DNA tests).

Our Tollers are honest dogs that show interest in new things and respond normally to them. Not hyper and excessive and definitely not shy. They love to go on outings with the family and easily adapt to the circumstances. Car and train trips, in a canoe, next to a bike, running in the forest or walking in a busy shopping street. They love it. In a restaurant, they lie down effortlessly and without objection under the table. For us, they are sport, walking, and companion dogs. This is partly due to the disposition, but also definitely due to teaching desirable behavior and having many active moments of contact. In addition to running, retrieving and swimming, they are also asked for a lot of brainwork. Especially, detection tracking makes them tired in just 15 minutes and gives them a lot of satisfaction. Our Tollers come from outcross lines (low inbreeding coefficient) with many champions in their ancestry in shows and work. And…let’s not forget the most important thing besides appearance and behavior; They mostly visit the veterinarian for necessary vaccinations. They are in great health! The official health results of the fathers and mothers of our puppies show the best qualifications!”